Newbie in SEO? Watch out for this 5 SEO Metrics

Newbie in SEO? Watch out for this 5 SEO Metrics

At the point when you’re getting another site off the ground, knowing precisely what to gauge will represent the decisive moment of your success. Yet, with every one of the measurements that Google Analytics and different stages offer, it’s anything but difficult to get lost. Things being what they are. Today I’m going to focus on fundamentals. That way you can succeed. Today, I’m going to separate 5 SEO Metrics that you have to measure when launching another site.

Load Time- The key metric that you have to look for is load time, It hugely affects SEO and client experience, the load time of your website is important for deciding your site’s future. The average load time of your website should be under 2 seconds when it only has text and images, for video content it will be definitely higher, but if it is video content I will suggest that you should link it to youtube, and let youtube worry about all the storage and uptime, this will be easier for you and your website you don’t have to worry about your site’s load time. Load time affects your internet searcher rankings as well as impacts your change rates.

Average session duration- The second metric that you have to observe is the average time spent on your website, you can measure this via Google Analytics. On the off chance that people like your website, they’ll invest more energy spending on it. On the off chance that they don’t, at that point, you’re somewhat screwed. Also, a straightforward way that you can improve this is crosslinking your content together. 

So for example, if I have an article that breaks down (3 SEO mistakes bloggers should avoid) and an introduction to SEO (get familiar with the term SEO) and I break down all the factors of SEO such as things like an inbound and outbound link. Well, if I was to have an article on inbound and outbound link, I’ll link to that article and that will help with this metric.

Average time on page- The following analysis is the average time on page. Verify this measurement for separate pages to understand what’s working and what’s not working. You’ll have a few pages that hit it out of the recreation center and you’ll have a few pages that simply do horrible.

You need to take the pages that are doing very well and make sense of, what do all of these pages have in common? Go take a look at all the pages that aren’t performing great, what do they have in common? This will give you an idea of where you should put more work

Organic traffic- The next SEO metrics I want you to track is organic (natural) traffic. In the beginning, you’re not going to rank for leading keywords, so what you have to do is you have to look for your rankings if you’re climbing up. So when you’re looking at organic traffic, look at the total number, not just each keyword, because you can see as a whole, are you getting more traffic or less traffic. 

You can do this through Google Search Console or you can sign up for Ubersuggest or Semrush and it can track your rankings as well as your search traffic daily for you. 

Bounce rate- The next thing I want you to track is the bounce rate. For organic traffic, anything around 50% or lower is good, anything above that level you need to make improvements to your site. Bounce rate’s not just about the content but it’s about the experience.

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