Digital Marketing Trends For-2020

With the advancements in the technological field and ever-changing trends in digital technology, digital promoting is predicted to require large strides within the future. we tend to see E-commerce players like Amazon prioritizing marketplace, Google testing out new approaches like the shopping tab to reinforce client expertise and leverage shopping for intent and giving importance to client expertise and engagement by rolling out algorithmic program updates. Voice searches and Vernacular Searches area growing at a speedy pace and also the trend can witness exponential growth by 2020.

As per the latest report by Dentsu Aegis Network, as of 2018, the Indian advertising market stands at Rs. 61,878 crores ($8.76 billion) and is estimated to grow with a CAGR of 10.62% till 2021 to reach a market size of Rs. 85,250 crore ($12.06 billion). The digital advertising market size is around Rs. 10,819 crores ($1.3 billion) and the estimated CAGR growth will be 31.96% and the market will expand to Rs. 24,920 crore ($3.52 billion).

( Data as reported by Economic Times)

So with the expansion of all this digital market age, there are many opportunities, with the help of this digital marketing trends blog, I wanted to provide some info. So, here is your guide on how to become exceptional in Digital Marketing in 2020?

Infusion of Technology with Marketing:

Equip for an end to end consumer experience – It is essential for business organizations to consolidate their marketing insights with technology. The organizations are now recognizing the significance of consumer experience and its value to the business. The evolution of Artificial Intelligence is going to play a huge role by merging with digital marketers to provide end to end consumer experience.

Automation in Marketing – Everybody favors modified and personalized content; with data now being mainstreamed more than ever before, countless insights available from the huge amount of data, marketers have to be compelled to check up on providing a lot of personalized and customized content. however, marketing automation will not only emerge but is expected to undergo an exquisite change due to the convergence of technology and marketing.

Facebook AR ads – Facebook has been massively investing in AR and expect it to be the wave of longer-term. Organizations can communicate with their target audience and make product offerings on the idea of their buying patterns. Facebook has provided an innovative platform for the advertisers to display their products out on augmented reality feed ads. With AR feed ads, shopping online will become fair, and a lot of interactive expertise will come to assist the business organizations in higher conversions.

Emerge in holding Store Visits Online- For a business with an online presence, the primary hurdle is to ascertain the number of store visits or footfalls gained through online advertisements. Using digital marketing expertise and offline behavior, business organizations must advance in a digital tool that caters information accurately.

Become familiar with the Customer:

Concentrate on Private and Customized Messaging – With the quest to supply a lot of personalized content to the shoppers, brands area unit shifting their focus to personal electronic messaging apps and this trend is about to continue in the coming years, non-public electronic messaging app advertising is an evolution in digital advertisement and it’ll take the digital ads area with a storm.

Promotion on WhatsApp – The vast reach of WhatsApp continues to be unexploited and it’s the most important social electronic messaging app at the instant. Recently, the primary TVC of WhatsApp was launched; and it’s expected to grow as a mass reach promoting channel with a shift of ad budgets on WhatsApp.

A Strong Presence on Social Media – One of the studies reveals that more than 50 percent of the marketers think that Social media is going to be big as compared to apps or web. To build brand recognition and brand connectivity between the customers, the stranglehold on Social channels is a must. Social channels area unit perpetually evolving as plenty of latest options obtaining additional to Instagram, YouTube, etc. Social Media is here to stay and it is going nowhere. So, digital marketers need to mark their presence on social media.

(That’s it for now on Digital Marketing Trends for 2020)

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