5 SEO Tactics You Must Avoid

5 SEO Tactics You Must Avoid

Here are 5 SEO Tactics You Must Avoid, If you have spent a little bit of time in SEO, you would probably know by now the common black hat tactics to avoid. Most of us SEO professionals like to think of ourselves as a white hat, or at least the thin line between them a gray hat.

However, did you know that some white hat strategies can seriously hurt your long-term SEO performance?

The top 5 SEO Tactics You Must Avoid:

  • Client-based SEO strategy.
  • Copying location page copy.
  • Using automated auditing tools to drive strategy.
  • Paying for links.
  • Scared to ask questions?

1. Client-Based SEO Strategy

I define “Client-based SEO strategy” as when a person or agency uses the same tactics for every client.

Many of the larger SEO agencies use this strategy for their Small-medium business division because it’s efficient to manage.

However, just because it’s easy, doesn’t mean it’s always the most reliable.

This type of strategy may be fruitful for a short-term period, but unless there’s zero competition, the website is bound to experience a growth hurdle.


Instead of getting stuck in this routine “client-based” strategy, focus on finding out different ways to deliver value to the website’s audience.

Take these opportunities and make sure your content is built to serve your audience at every stage of their purchase funnel.

The constant research and content creation may be more time-consuming, but it will inevitably be more productive. Another bonus point is that this will show your client that you truly care about their performance.

2. Copying Location Page Copy

When creating location pages for large websites with many locations, creating unique content for each location can be tedious and very time-consuming.

It may seem like the easy way out is to just use the same content for each location page, but I highly advise against it.

You can get a much better local ranking performance by focusing on a unique content copy for each location page.

3. Using Automated Auditing Tools to Drive Strategy

Relying on automated tools may seem like a viable option, but it may not be the best way to drive your organic strategy.

Newbie SEO professionals tend to conduct their initial SEO audits with automated tools and let that guide their SEO strategy.

The problem with this?

These SEO tools don’t “ask questions.”

The key to any good SEO strategy is to ask questions:

  • Who’s my target customer/audience and what information do they need to take action?
  • Are there any hindrances for Google to crawl and interpret my site?
  • Does my internal linking formation facilitate entity-optimization?


Invest in a tool SEMrush and learn how to optimize a website. Look for content gap opportunities and ensure that your technical structure is reliable.

When your technical foundation is sound, search engines may have an easy time discovering, crawling, and rendering your webpages.

4. Paying for Links

This is the place where grey hat tactics take place where you pay for the link building in which companies guarantee links in exchange for money.

This is an excellent way to ensure that you get a specific number of backlinks for your clients each month.

However, quality and relevance are rarely up to par.


I recommend you investing in some PR partners to help you craft some content and get featured in noteworthy publications.

These larger publications tend to have a higher DA and a greater rate of organically improving your backlink profile through the snowball effect.

5. Scared to Ask Questions?

Nowadays It’s obvious that people search their questions on Google, in the hope that they will find an answer. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

However, when it comes to tactics or tackling specific problems, Google may not always deliver the right answer for you.

It’s OK to reach out to your audience for help. There’s absolutely no shame in that.

It’s highly encouraged!

No respectable SEO will make fun of you for not knowing something.

We all have to learn somehow.

These Were The SEO Tactics You Must Avoid if you want to Succeed in SEO Strategy. 

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