10 Facebook Ad Features Every Marketer Should Know

10 Facebook Ad Features Every Marketer Should Know about

Facebook is constantly evolving and making changes to its platform to provide that subtle experience. which doesn’t always make it easy for busy marketers to keep up with every tiny change.

Aside from the common powerful marketing tools, there are additional Facebook features that are less widespread but can make a huge difference for the right campaign.

Facebook Tools

In my opinion, Facebook is the best thing that has ever happened to marketer, Facebook has a lot of great tools for advertisers that fly under the radar.

All of these things make easier to advertise on Facebook, but you may not know about several of them.

Let’s take a ride in the facebook Ad world.

1. Third-Party Tag Integration

Earlier setting up the Facebook pixel used to involve several steps, especially when it came to shopping carts and event tracking.

But Back in 2017, Facebook integrated tool that can be found within Business Manager, and that my friend changed the whole game, it was not only easier to use but it was user-friendly.

Marketers using Google Tag Manager, WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, or BigCommerce can implement the Facebook pixel without even touching the code to their website.

Get started by choosing “Events Manager” within the new Facebook navigation sidebar. Click “View Setup Instructions” to comprehend how to create your pixel.

2. Pixel Helper

The first thing before getting started in any channel, it’s important to not only set up your conversion pixel but also validate if it is lighting properly.

Facebook’s Chrome extension allows advertisers to double-check implementation, troubleshoot their pixel and learn how to enhance performance before launching campaigns.

3. Creative Hub

Creative Hub is an advertisement mockup tool that enables clients to test distinctive promotion types, placements, and ad elements. These mockups can be put into draft for later reference. Video, interactive ads, and slideshow can also be tested here.

This tool is very useful when pitching new ad types and ideas to new clients. You can locate Creative Hub in the Facebook navigation sidebar. 


4. Image Text Check Tool

According to Facebook, images with less than 20% of text perform better, because people focus more on images rather than text.

Because of this belief, Facebook and Instagram images are automatically reviewed for the amount of text that they have before being eligible to run on the Ad platforms. 

The image with too much text will be served at a lower rate. there is a solution for this which is tucked away in Creative Hub this tool has the power to solve many advertiser’s problems with “too much text in image” errors.

Upload images into this Image Text Check tool to make sure the presentation will be normal.

This is a tool worth utilizing because wasting time with ad disapprovals is not just worth it anymore.

You can locate this tool within Creative Hub under Tools > Image Text Check.

5. Facebook Analytics

This instrument offers extra bits of knowledge on Facebook performance. You can access this tool in the Business Manager navigation bar by using the menu and selecting “Analytics” under “Analyze and Report”.

Like Google Analytics and other tools, you can see user metrics, engagement metrics, page metrics, and user demographics.

You can make Funnels that incorporate a grouping of activities you’d prefer to gauge. 

You can likewise make Cohorts of clients to follow conduct after some time, make rotate tables (called “Breakdowns”) for on-going information announcing, make Dashboards and survey Lifetime Value, among different highlights. 

6. Audience Insights

This interactive audience tool offers supplementary details on your Facebook audience that you aren’t able to gather from Facebook Analytics.

Y’all can access this feature through the navigation bar and scrolling down to “Analyze and Report” > “Audience Insights”.

You can build your ideal target audience and gather all the data like demographics, Page likes, Facebook usage data, and interests.

If you have additional information you want to provide about your audience, click Advanced. Each of these sections has multiple options available for selection, You can likewise observe Pages that are probably going to be significant to your group of audience dependent on their inclinations and how likely your audience is to like these pages.

7. Campaign Budget Optimization

Launched in November of 2017, this feature allows advertisers to balance their ad spend across ad sets. By setting one focal campaign budget plan over numerous promotion sets, Facebook can convey the financial limit to the advertisement sets that are performing best. This option can be found when creating a new campaign and applies to either daily budgets or lifetime budgets.

8. Ad Scheduling

Numerous advertiser likes to confine their financial limit by just running promotions certain periods of the day. Currently, Facebook only allows advertisers to use ad scheduling when using a lifetime budget. When creating a new campaign, after you have set your lifetime budget, you’ll see the option to run ads all the time or run ads on schedule time.

Now just make your ad schedule by clicking on the times you want to serve ads.

9. Location Targeting

Location targeting is set at the ad set level and has several additional options that I think are useful.

Once you have set your location targeting, you can select radius targeting or target the city only.

You can select 4 additional settings for location targeting:

Everyone in This Location

This is people whose location was recently this location(s).

People Who Live in This Location

This is only people who have listed their homes at this location. This option is great to select for home-related businesses or anywhere that you are targeting homeowners only.

People Recently visited This Location

This is people who have recently used Facebook in this location.

People Recently Traveling in This Location

This is for people who have recently used Facebook in this location, but whose home is listed as more than 125 miles away.

10. Connections

If you have an app, use Events or want to reach folks connected to your Facebook page, this is a great feature for you.

You can target people who like your Page, friends of people who like your Page or exclude people who like your page.

You can also target people who used your app, friends of people who used your app or exclude people who used your app.

For events, you can target people who responded to your event or exclude people who already responded.

You can create different combinations of these options as well.


Facebook has many hidden gem tools and features that are often concealed in the complicated interface.

By utilizing these features and tools, you can take your Facebook campaigns from ideal to exceptional!

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